Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Models strut down the runway

Yet the Phantom Menace and Keller sit on their beds watching them eating in the following fashion.

VS 2012 so far...

Rihanna: Oh, god. Drop dead gorgeous. The song was awesome. Dress was beautiful.

Bruno Mars: Whatever the band is on, I want it and need it for finals.

Justin Bieber: Surprisingly not bad and good dancing. He was like a kid in a candy store...Oh wait.

Gorgeous Man of ze Day

Jeremy Renner
He was an Avenger, the heir to the Bourne Legacy and the funniest host of SNL during the year. 
We've loved him since SWAT. And we'd definitely pay him more than $100 million to bust us out of anywhere. 

We are currently going to liveblog the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

And in proper dude fashion, we are feasting on cheeseburgers loaded with bacon, fries, onion rings, and shakes.

We do it in honor of how much hunger these beautiful women had to experience to look the way they do in their costumes.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

The varied reactions that the Phantom Menace and Keller always have when rather striking gentlemen are afoot:

It's more of a public service announcement.

Or lack of quality in the texts from our guy interests:
Upon finding out a guy interest and his true relationship status:


Problems of the Chronically Single #1

Constantly wanting fried food. And just food in general. 

Case in point: 
  • Staying in on a Saturday night and wanting KFC because, damnit, why not?
Meanwhile, everyone else is on a date, partying, puking, etc...

Why is it that...

Though it's fun to have guys shower you with attention -albeit dirty and sometimes borderline creepy attention (that's where the fun goes away), we're entitled to have something meaningful behind all the flirting.


Can we have a guy that is flirty, playful, AND sincere all in one? Or is that an antiquated concept gone with the days of Pluto?