Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Models strut down the runway

Yet the Phantom Menace and Keller sit on their beds watching them eating in the following fashion.

VS 2012 so far...

Rihanna: Oh, god. Drop dead gorgeous. The song was awesome. Dress was beautiful.

Bruno Mars: Whatever the band is on, I want it and need it for finals.

Justin Bieber: Surprisingly not bad and good dancing. He was like a kid in a candy store...Oh wait.

Gorgeous Man of ze Day

Jeremy Renner
He was an Avenger, the heir to the Bourne Legacy and the funniest host of SNL during the year. 
We've loved him since SWAT. And we'd definitely pay him more than $100 million to bust us out of anywhere. 

We are currently going to liveblog the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

And in proper dude fashion, we are feasting on cheeseburgers loaded with bacon, fries, onion rings, and shakes.

We do it in honor of how much hunger these beautiful women had to experience to look the way they do in their costumes.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

The varied reactions that the Phantom Menace and Keller always have when rather striking gentlemen are afoot:

It's more of a public service announcement.

Or lack of quality in the texts from our guy interests:
Upon finding out a guy interest and his true relationship status:


Problems of the Chronically Single #1

Constantly wanting fried food. And just food in general. 

Case in point: 
  • Staying in on a Saturday night and wanting KFC because, damnit, why not?
Meanwhile, everyone else is on a date, partying, puking, etc...

Why is it that...

Though it's fun to have guys shower you with attention -albeit dirty and sometimes borderline creepy attention (that's where the fun goes away), we're entitled to have something meaningful behind all the flirting.


Can we have a guy that is flirty, playful, AND sincere all in one? Or is that an antiquated concept gone with the days of Pluto?

As finals are slowly dawning upon us

We ladies here at Problems of the Chronically Single send out this salute to our fellow students who will spend the next few weeks frying their brains studying. 


Gorgeous Man of ze Day

Adam Levine
His occupation is being the lead singer of Maroon 5. 
And our resident hottie here at PotCS. 
He sings, he acts. He's an awesome judge on The Voice. 
You, sir, are just too perfect for words. 

Humorous E-Card of ze Day

The greatest advice that can be given to a single girl in this world

"Fuck whoever the fuck you wanna fuck so long as they're down with it. You don't need to explain yourself to anyone else." 

The Phantom Menace was given this golden expletive laden nugget of advice by her best friend.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Gorgeous Man of ze Day

Nathan Fillion
Beloved by us girls here at PotCS for being Richard Castle and Captain Mal Reynolds. 
And for being just an all around awesome actor. 
To quote Captain Mal: "I think I might cry."

Humorous E-Card of ze Day

This entry is brought to us by our co-author. 
It has happened to her on...always. 
See, there's these special guys- the creeps of the crop. They text when not wanted. When they do, it's the wrong things. 
Such a shame. 
And waste of text. 

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Gorgeous Man of ze Day

Tom Hiddleston
That's why.  
He is better known to the world (which is essentially the Tumblr fanbase) as Loki. 
A talented actor. Quite a snappy style, thinks the Phantom Menace. There's lots to love about Mr. Hiddleston, not just for playing a character that wields a scepter and almost destroys Earth...er, Midgard. 

E-Card of ze Day

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

We are the minds behind the machine

This blog would be nothing without introducing the world to the masterminds behind the fabulous "Problems of the Chronically Single."

For the sake of anonymity, I'll be known as the Phantom Menace. I am a (single) senior here at the prestigious University of California Santa Barbara. At the bright age of 21, one would think that I lead quite a vibrant life that doesn't warrant blogging. 


I live on campus with an amazing view of the lagoon scenery. Have I mentioned my roommate is hilarious? Cause she is. We had quite the year of shenanigans junior year. Let's hope that senior year is just as generous to us. 

For the faint and fair of heart, we'll be discussing important matters that can't only pertain to us. It's an adventure blog.   

This is a special contribution to the blog from the second author.

She writes under the nom de guerre of Keller and files this under #virginproblems. 


Gorgeous Man of ze Day

Because there's never a bad time to put Chris Evans and his wisdom (and beauty) on a pedestal.

Humorous E-Card of ze Day

Introduction to the Realm of Hilarity

Why would someone possibly title this blog "Problems of the Chronically Single"? Will anyone read it other than the authors? 

Well, it's simple really. 

This will be a testament to the travails of two single girls in their final year of college. Like the rest of the twentysomething population of the world and, more specifically, here at UCSB - we got problems. Those problems tend to be:

  • school
  • guys
  • guys here in this outer ring of Dante's Inferno
We also happen to be single. And we plan on dealing with that in the most comedic fashion short of writing a screenplay. 

So to the world of the interwebs: welcome one and all.