Wednesday, November 28, 2012

We are the minds behind the machine

This blog would be nothing without introducing the world to the masterminds behind the fabulous "Problems of the Chronically Single."

For the sake of anonymity, I'll be known as the Phantom Menace. I am a (single) senior here at the prestigious University of California Santa Barbara. At the bright age of 21, one would think that I lead quite a vibrant life that doesn't warrant blogging. 


I live on campus with an amazing view of the lagoon scenery. Have I mentioned my roommate is hilarious? Cause she is. We had quite the year of shenanigans junior year. Let's hope that senior year is just as generous to us. 

For the faint and fair of heart, we'll be discussing important matters that can't only pertain to us. It's an adventure blog.   

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